About Us

MODCO MC is a private boutique building group with an unrestricted building license specialising in all aspects of construction across Western Australia. Incorporated in late 2015,

MODCO MC’s successful team bring over 50 years of collective experiences in design, engineering, marketing, management and development. The focus is on creating value and ensuring quality and consistency whilst finding the most cost-effective and efficient building solutions. MODCO offers a diverse range of in-house abilities, teamed with the industry’s best to provide all aspects of the development/building process, from feasibility studies, town planning, designs, finance through to construction and sales, MODCO offers complete quality and cost control throughout every step.


We envision to facilitate evolving the building industry standards to be time, cost, energy efficient without compromising quality whilst providing significant contributions to the community economically environmentally and socially through construction.


Collaboration & Opportunities

Collaboration is amongst the foundation of MODCO. Over the years, MODCO have redirected the focus in providing specialised build specifically targeting underutilised opportunity, townhouses, villas and boutique apartments. Our builds are custom to each client and location and offer multiple modern building alternatives to ensure we bring vibrant developments to the communities.
We endeavour to build a collaborative network of developers, investors and landowners.

MODCO was initially established due to the founder being an active developer and refocused the company’s focus in sharing these competitive costs advantages due to the low overhead costs, new technologies/system to ensure higher level of quality control to minimise building waste and shorten construction time and relationships with reliable suppliers locally and internationally.

MODCO works closely with an international private equity firm, ensuring there is always finance capacity to take on JV projects and developments. If you have any piece of land and is interested in it’s potential or potentially part take in becoming a developer yourself, it’s easy, you provide the land, we provide the build.